SimpleKey Lite

SimpleKey Lite is a stand-alone door controller designed for residential premises that does not require remote administration for residents or staff/contractors access fobs.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective upgrade solutions: it can be installed with new or existing door entry systems
  • Simple administration by enabling tokens to be assigned directly to flats
  • Easier set-up and programming  with the ability to set up each system using easy to use software
  • Easier integration: with its backward compatible with Simplekey’s range of proximity readers and Shark Tooth tokens
  • Common staff/contractor tokens can be simply added into each system prior or during installation
  • Can be used with existing “industry Standard” readers and fobs.


SimpleKey Lite is a highly cost effective product for any organisation installing a new door entry system or simply upgrading current systems.

Option available

  • Doors 2
  • Users, Up to 500 residents (50 Flats x 10 Tokens)
  • Flat 50
  • Contractors 50 (50 Contractors x 1 token)
  • Editors 5
  • Masters 2

SimpleKey Web

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How SimpleKey Web works

Find out more about how Simplekey Web works

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