January's Newsletter

How can the cloud help you manage your communal door access?

The answer in many respects is simple, it allows you to access your system from any web enabled device. In practice this means, whether you are using a smart phone, tablet or PC, as long as you have access to the internet, you can manage your communal door access. The cloud gives us an amazing opportunity to access and use information real time without being on site.

Think what you were doing ten years ago, every time a fob needed adding or deleting, someone would have to get in a car, drive to the property, add or delete the fob as required and then return to the office. The time wasted was unbelievable. Now, if a new fob is required or needs deleting you can go onto your smart phone, login and do it immediately.

The cloud has meant we can become far more efficient, saving a lot of time and importantly money. When we shop now we can go onto our phone and order something from Amazon that is delivered the next day, so why shouldn’t you be able to place immediate requests for work, well now you can.

To find out more about how the cloud can help you manage your communal

Top Tips from KMS

Use Colour Coded Fobs

It may be a simple one, but Using Colour Coded fobs makes for very easy management. It allows you to clearly identify which fob has
been allocated to who and allows you to quickly delete or replace a fob.

Run Un-used fob reports

Again, it might seem live an obvious fact, but some systems will not allow you to run realtime reports on fobs that are un-used. With
Simplekey Web, you can not only run the report whenever you want, you can view it wherever you are with a web enabled device. This allows you to track contractors’ movements and see which tenants are not using fobs.

Grainger plc

As the UK’s largest listed residential landlord, Grainger plc manage a large number of residential apartment blocks across the UK.

Over the years, they have used traditional manual key based systems to manage the communal door access for some of these blocks, but became aware that these systems were not working efficiently.

Working with KMS, they installed their cloud based Simplekey Web system which allows managers to have instant access from any web enabled device. Simplekey Web was easy to install and easily integrated with all other communal door entry systems.

Mark Kilby, Grainger “The results have been impressive, saving us a lot of time and simplifying the process. We are now in the process of rolling Simplekey Web out to other sites”.

Working with Wycombe Homeless Connection

With the cold weather finally hitting us, as always, many thoughts turn to the elderly and homeless. At KMS, we have long considered it important to give something back to the community and over the years has created a strong partnership with local charity Wycombe Homeless Connection. The partnerships enable us to support the local community as a whole as well as the individual needs of those who are homeless in High Wycombe.

At this time of year it is even more important to support them, from helping out at the shelters on Christmas day to promoting the work they do to the local community we work to do whatever we can.

To find out more about the charity and their work visit their website.

City West Homes (CWH)

CWH is the leading provider of housing management services, maintaining and improving homes across Westminster. Having
initially engaged with KMS in 2007 the results have surpassed all expectations. Having installed Simplekey in the Vale Royal Estate
KMS were immediately able to produce a report identifying which fobs were trying to access the block after they had been deactivated. From this point, more CWH blocks were adapted to Simplekey Web, which replaced Simplekey and the results were so successful, the system has now been written into the organisations policy for fob management.

Specific benefits include:

  • No delay in issuing new fobs
  • Contractors able to use one fob for multiple sites
  • Increased security
  • Instant management
  • Reduction in costs for engineers to visit the site.

To find out more see our case study.

Warwickshire District Council – New Fob Management System

At the outset of the project, Warwick District Council had the KMS Simplekey Web system installed in four of their high rise blocks and one low rise with excellent results. The team were able to manage contractors more easily, granting access to specific blocks for
short periods of time as and when required.

Importantly, they were also able to see detailed usage reports at any time and wherever they were. “It was easy to install and has helped us reduce the demands on the Housing Officers in managing communal access for our residential properties.” Russell arsden, Head of Building Surveying comments