KMS Access Control & Resident Safety.

Much has been written in the media this year about resident safety and it is clearly a topic that should rightly be top of everyone’s agenda, so we thought it would be good to give an overview of how we ensure our communal door access solutions meet the toughest guidelines. The KMS residential access control system has been designed to both improve the security and well-being of residents as well as simplifying management and administration for the housing staff. However, it is obviously vital to ensure that any security installation is intrinsically safe, allowing quick and simple egress from the building. Exactly how your access control and door entry systems are installed and integrated will significantly affect the way the system can/will react in an emergency situation. Some of the main functions are:

Door Locks
In door locking terms this means that, whatever the circumstances, people within the building can get out quickly and easily. Most communal doors in multi-occupancy blocks use one or more electro-magnetic locks, which require power to lock (fail safe).

Fire Alarm Integration
Both the KMS SK3 and SK4 hardware are capable of being connected to a building fire alarm system (dependent on the alarm type fitted). Both types of controller have a normally open (NO) connection which if, triggered by the fire alarm system, will signal the doors to be unlocked until the connection is “opened” again, normally by the fire alarm being cancelled.

Secondary Alerts
Using Simplekey web, it is possible to alert staff or contractors via email if the fire alarm system has triggered and/or report on how many times a system is triggered in a given time period.

Fire System Checks
For many buildings, the various fire systems and precautions have to be checked and inspected on a regular basis. By creating “fire inspection groups” it is possible to simply produce regular reports showing when each site was last visited by a fire equipment inspector.

Sub-letting and Overcrowding
Using the easy to use Simplekey web administration to ensure only the correct number of fobs are issued to each address. If residents attempt to obtain & use multiple copies of one token, this can be detected immediately.

Fire Door Monitoring
If an access controlled door is also a fire door it can be monitored to ensure it is kept closed after each authorised opening and staff alerted if the door is forced or left open. Fire doors that do not have access control can also be monitored for being opened and again reported back to the appropriate staff contractors via email.

For full details and information on the safety functionality of our solutions visit our website
www. or email us

Simplekey 4 inputs

Simplekey web is a continuously evolving platform for communal door access and has always been developed to provide the most efficient way for fobs to be administered. With the latest version, Simplekey web 4, the system is cloud based and allows administrators to add or delete fobs from any web enabled device, instantly. There are a number of functions that support key

Door – Ideally this should be connected to the door contact or magnetic mag lock and will alert the system if the door is left open
or is forced open.
RTE (Request To Exit) – this is typically connected to a button or other device to release the door from the secure side.
Aux1 – This is used to connect to the trades button and controls the times this button will release the doors (normally called Trades Times) to allow contractors access, this is normally an open contact.
Aux 2 – This is used to permanently release the associated door in case of emergencies. It is typically connected to a break glass or external Fireman’s switch (drop key switch) and is normally an open contact and will alert the system if the alarm is activated.
Aux 3 – This input is normally connected to a fire alarm or similar device and when activated will release ALL the doors on the system.
With these additional functions, Simplekey web not only allows you to add or delete fobs easily, but also to manage the communal doors in every eventuality and all from any web enabled mobile device, including your phone.

To find out more about Simplekey Web and how easy it is to use and manage email or call 01494 531099.

Newcastle CIH – 16-17 November 2017

Following the success of Housing 2017 in Manchester and our recent attendance at the CIH Repairs and Maintenance conference in Coventry, we will also be attending the CIH North East conference in Newcastle in November. The event is the region’s premier annual housing event and attracts up to 200 professionals during the two days.

For KMS, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet contacts, customers and partners alike in a slightly more relaxed environment than the Housing expo and discuss issues that are specific to that region.

Whilst the housing sector is facing a number of challenges at the moment and a considerably higher profile than we have previously seen, the sector contains a resilient workforce, one that will overcome these challenges and continue to evolve. This is key to this year’s conference which will both examine the challenges and look to the future to find the right solutions.

The current political and economic uncertainties will affect us all and finding ways to become more efficient without impacting the quality of housing provided, we believe is key to the next few years. Our products have been developed to improve efficiencies as well as improving the service for residents and administrators alike and the event is a great chance to discuss what we can do in these circumstances.

Come and talk to us on Stand 4 at the Life Conference and Banqueting Centre, Newcastle on 16-17 November.

TR in the wilderness (on his MTB)

With the stresses of day to day life working in a Sales environment, it is good to be able to unwind and for Tim Rogers that means the outdoors and more often than not enjoying his favourite hobby, Mountain Biking. Tim has been known to push himself in such events as
the Three Peaks Challenge, climbing all three of the Nation’s highest peaks in 24 hours, but his main passion
has always been mountain biking.

Usually found visiting remote Trail and Downhill Centres in the UK, these centres are typically graded based on three main criteria, technicality, distance and the amount of climbing involved. It’s perfectly possible that a trail that isn’t especially hard technically will
receive a higher grade simply because it covers a lot of ground or may cross remote or exposed wilderness terrain. Similarly, a trail may be short but be packed with tough features and obstacles that bump up its grading.

Downhill Centres are becoming very popular with Tim regularly visiting BikePark Wales, which is the UK’s premier mountain bike park. The 1,200 acre site has over 28 descending trails organised in a similar manner to a ski resort. Built in the heart of the South Wales
Valleys, BikePark Wales offers mountain bike trails for intermediate to pro level riders.

Not just for downhillers, this park is best enjoyed on a trail bike, where swooping blues and rocky, rooty red trails are a perfect step up for trail riders. But for those who don’t fancy riding up the mountain to enjoy the downhill runs, the park offers a mini bus service which transports you and your bike up to the top in between rides, providing your legs with a little rest before your next descent. We’re not sure if that is cheating or not, but either way it is a great way of relieving the day to day stresses of work.

Rebecca’s Fundraising – an update

Working with a mental illness can be incredibly tough, many are unable to do so and those who are can face many challenges within the work place. This is why a big part of Rebecca’s journey into recovery has been working at KMS. After what seemed like the lowest point of her life we took her on in full knowledge of her condition and gave her the time, space and understanding to take the good days with the bad. When others are speaking out about mental health they often come across a lot of stigma due to a lack of education on the subject, especially in a working environment.

Yet KMS try to encourage Rebecca to stay strong and be honest all the time, especially in her aim to help support and raise money for others suffering from mental health difficulties. We hope that our support has given her the chance to succeed where she might not have
been able to elsewhere.