It is hard to avoid GDPR at the moment and with the deadline of May 25th for all organisations to be compliant looming fast, it is important that every organisation is reviewing all aspects of their business to ensure that not only are they compliant, but importantly, all their suppliers are compliant as well.

This is a huge area, one that can be complex, however, it doesn’t have to be. We have been looking at our systems to ensure that we are compliant and in doing so we have identified several useful sources of information that we have used to check our processes. Much of this information is applicable to all organisations, so over the next few weeks we will share some of this with you.

As a starting point, there are a number of key areas that you need to consider:

  • Consent – do you have permission to hold data?
  • Enhanced data Subject rights – what are these and how do you need to ensure you can deliver any requests for information?
  • Reporting breaches – Ensuring any breaches are reported immediately
  • Data Protection Officer – Do you have one and do they know their responsibilities?

These points are a key focus for GDPR and each must be addressed in ensuring any organisation is compliant.

With KMS Simplekey Web, we have ensured that our system will help our customers meet their GDPR requirements and we will be exploring these over the coming weeks.

It is also worth noting that we will be attending the CIH Regional Conference in early March and will be available to discuss GDPR and how we have addressed it in more detail then. More details on the conference can be found on the CIH website.

If in the meantime if you want any more information or need to discuss GDPR, please call 01494 531099 or email