GDPR and what it means.

During 2017 one of the hot business topics was GDPR and this has now become one of the high profile focuses for business as we move into 2018.

The important point with GDPR is that every business in the supply chain must adhere to the principles and not just the primary business. We have spent a considerable amount of time looking at GDPR and how it impacts both us and our clients and have developed a list of key points that businesses need to implement, they are:

Make sure all key staff are aware of the change in the law to the GDPR.

  • Document all personal data that your organisation holds.
  • Review your privacy policy and update it in line with GDPR.
  • Check your procedures cover all individual rights, especially when it comes to having data deleted.
  • Update your procedures to reflect how you would handle an information request.
  • Identify your lawful basis for processing data.
  • Actively seek consent to hold data, ensure you follow a double opt-in process.
  • Put in place systems to verify age and obtain parental consent where applicable.
  • Establish procedures to identify data breaches.
  • Assign a Data Protection Officer, they need to be ensuring your organisation is compliant on a continuous basis.

If you operate across international borders, ensure you comply with data protection guidelines.

For full details and information on GDPR and how KMS will help you meet the criteria click here or email us info@kms.uk.net

Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council (LCC), like many other housing providers, manage a wide range of residential blocks of flats across the city, many of which have had very different communal access control systems installed over the years. This resulted in a time intensive job to manage the systems, especially when it came to adding and deleting fobs.

As LCC looked to the future, they were looking to reduce the time spent managing their systems and save money. In addition, they also wanted a standard solution across all of their blocks, one that would stand the test of time and not require updating in a couple of years. The system also required administrators to be able to access it at any time and from any location.

KMS Simplekey Web was perfectly positioned to achieve all of these challenges, a cloud based solution that not only allows you to add and delete fobs from any web enabled device, it also provides detailed reports showing which fobs have been used and detailing any unusual usage patterns. It is also important to note that Simplekey Web can be installed with existing door entry systems and doors.

To find out how KMS has been working with LCC to implement a programme to install Simplekey Web at all of their residential blocks of flats resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiencies, click here or for more information please contact us.

Product Update

As part of KMS’s ongoing development, we are pleased to announce the launch of the CATO  board. This new communications device has two functions that increases the flexibility of the Simplekey 4 system and plugs straight into the system controller PCB and uses standard RS485 communications. The first use is to allow existing Simplekey 3 systems (up to 16 doors) to be expanded and linked back to a Simplekey system controller using it to communicate with Simplekey Web. The second use is to allow two Simplekey 4 system controllers to be linked together allowing up to 32 doors to be managed and administered via one of the on-board GPRS modems. For the two different functions there are different kits for linking to existing Simplekey 3 door controllers the part number is 66022 whilst to link to system controllers together you will need part number 66021.

To find out more, please contact info@kms.uk.net or call 01494 531099.

Hannah March joins the team

KMS are pleased to announce that Hannah March joined the Sales Team in November 2017.

Hannah studied Business & Marketing and started her career working in the door entry industry, which has allowed her to gain a good knowledge of the sector.

On a personal level, Hannah has always been keen on sport, in her early years swimming at County Level. Hannah continues to keep fit by spending time in the gym and is ready to take up the challenge of her new career progression at KMS – we hope we can keep up with her!