With Total Housing only three weeks away, we are in the process if gearing up and finalising all of the logistics and central to our presence this year will be the launch of our new product, Simplekey Event Manager (SEM).

SEM is designed to be connected to a Simplekey System Controller, using the KMS BUS, the SEM allows an additional 8 inputs and 8 outputs to be controlled and monitored. Each input and output is administered via the Simplekey web site, and can be linked to any other input or output on the same system.

Examples of how this may be used include –

  • Lift control
  • Internal lighting
  • Fire Door Monitoring
  • CCTV links

Total Housing 2018 will be looking to provide a forum for those in the social housing sector to discuss a number of key issues that include

  • Innovation & organisational change
  • Delivering a 21st century housing management service
  • Maximising the potential of our existing stock
  • Building the homes we need

The event will also give us an opportunity to discuss GDPR which is having an impact on all organisations in the UK, all of whom have to ensure they are compliant. We have reviewed all our systems and can discuss how they will help your organisation ensure you are complaint as well.

To find out more about the event visit the Total Housing website or if you want to find out more about SEM contact us or call 01494 531099.

Total Housing 2018