What is cloud-based access control?

A cloud-based access control system, like KMS’s Simplekey Web, (http://kms.uk.net/solutions/simplekey-web/how-does-it-work/) means you do not need a local computer to run the software and store the data. All the software and data is stored in secure data centres. In practice this means you can securely access the system you want from any web enabled device such as a smart phone, computer or tablet.

Cloud based access control refers to a managed access control system where administration of fobs, doors and controllers is accessible from any internet connected device (such as a smart phone, or tablet). A cloud based access control system is designed to run in a data centre rather than on a local standalone computer, even if rudimentary remote access is given to that standalone computer it is not considered a cloud based system as it was not designed that way. In these types of systems remote access was an afterthought, these systems often are limited still to one user at a time. A real cloud based access control system allows multiple concurrent users on the system without limitation. The principals of cloud based software falls under SaaS (software-as-a-service), where the users are not responsible for setup, installation, maintenance, or updates to the software. This complexity and responsibility is removed from the users allowing them to focus only on using the software. It should be noted that access to the internet is required  to access the system, and apps, however it is not required for the functionality of the controller on-site.

Why should I move to cloud-based access control?

There are many benefits to switching to a cloud based system, firstly you do not need to use one specific, physical computer to log-in to the access control system, you can access the  system from any internet connected device, anywhere, anytime and even from your own bed! Secondly, setup and running costs are minimal in comparison to the alternatives – no hardware costs, can use existing computers, phones and tablets to access the system, – no expertise required for setup or ongoing maintenance of the system. Furthermore, real cloud based access control system like our own will easily scale to your needs, if you need to double the amount of doors controlled there is no extra setup, migration, or dividing of the system required, just add the doors as you see fit, and let the provider handle the extra capacity needs. Lastly, in failover, so if one individual piece of hardware or software fails then there is no downtime or restoring from backups, you just continue as normal.

Is cloud-based access control secure?

Yes, with any software specifically designed for the cloud, security is front and centre in design of the software. Whilst it will vary from provider to provider, KMS take security very seriously and we use industry standards including encryption, to ensure that data is strictly accessible to those who need it. KMS leverage IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) from AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS data centre’s security is already proven with the Government, GCHQ, the BBC and Netflix utilising their services too.   It’s not worth boring you with all of the technicalities, or acronyms we use but to find out more about these measures, contact us.

Written by Ben Dawes ben.dawes@kms.uk.net