With modern technology developing faster than we can believe, there are any number of associated challenges that come as a result. With communal door entry systems, where we use technology to control and manage the systems, these are now at risk of failing if there is any one of a number of occurrences or situations.

With Secured by Design (SBD), the industry is closely governed and as a result, modern systems have to ensure that even in certain extreme situations the communal door access system will still operate. An example of this is:

  • If there is a Physical Attack, where all reader cables are shorted and all reader cables open circuit (while the system was live and operational), the system locks, powered and controlled by the controller, should remain powered/and the controlled door remain locked, and therefore the access control system will pass the SBD Test and meet the user requirements.

Furthermore, once the shorted cables are removed (and the system cables are restored), the controller should return to normal operation correctly with no damage to the controller or reader.

With this type of situation, SBD is looking to provide recognition for those systems that meet the highest standards and will deliver high levels of support and technology for residential housing in the UK.

KMS has worked hard over the past few years, not to just achieve SBD accreditation, but to stay ahead and continuously develop SimpleKey Web, their cloud based, communal door access control solution.

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Secured by Design