KMS Director, Alan Cooney had not played football for over 15 years and at 50 decided that he needed to get fit again! The thought of spending hours in a gym didn’t appeal, so in November of 2017 he found a local fitness group called ManAlive that run an outdoor motivational training programme.

Alan explains “A great benefit is that the hourly sessions take place 3 mornings per week and start at 6am at my local Rugby club. This is only 7 minutes drive from home so I don’t have any problems getting there. After a quick shower I can be off to work and in by 8am. Each class is instructed by great coaches who make the workout different and interesting every time.’

All training sessions are outdoors and nothing stops them, even the snow! Classes include tyre flipping/carrying, squats, press-ups, weights, sprinting and regular bench testing. It was all a bit of a shock to the system in the beginning.  With constant evaluation and motivation from the instructors and the other ManAlive team members, Alan soon found that he was losing weight and his fitness was coming back.

ManAlive also raises money for The Watford Peace Hospice and after such an improvement in Alan’s fitness, he was invited to take part in The Wolf Run.  This race is a 10km outward-bound obstacle course, you only have to look at the website to see that it is not for the faint hearted. This is something that Alan would never have thought possible to achieve.

After battling through woods, obstacles, lakes and fields, Alan finished the race, wet, cold and extremely tired. This was an amazing achievement; he had gone from not doing any exercise to completing this Wolf Run all in just 6 months.

Not satisfied with this achievement, Alan has also been tempted out of retirement to play in a charity football match at Watford FC’s Football Ground, Vicarage Road, the story continues but that is for another time …

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