Now we are back in the office and just about recovered, we have been able to look back at Housing 2018.

The build up was the normal chaotic process, but, as normal, we got to the Tuesday morning in good shape and extremely pleased with our new stand. This was particularly pleasing as there appeared to be more exhibitors this year, with a wider range of stands, catering for an increased number of visitors.

Of particular interest was the quality of visitors, many more of whom seemed to be more interested in our products and were clearly the right people to be talking to and very interested in our new SEM and messaging board.

The event was its normal combination of business and entertaining and our big dinner on the Wednesday night was a great success. It did mean that the Thursday seemed to be a little longer than it might otherwise have been, especially considering the temperature, although thankfully the hall stayed cooler.

Overall, we were extremely pleased and Housing 2018 seemed to have made a big step forward from last year, hopefully it will continue this next year.

See you all in 2019 and if you want to know anything before then get in touch.


CIH Housing 2018