The running costs for a flat for any housing landlord can be huge and it is understandable that landlords want them used properly. However, there are too many examples throughout the country of tenants that are given a flat by their local housing association but do not occupy it. Each time this happens it is a huge cost to the housing landlord and uses a valuable property that could be given to someone else more needing of it.

KMS SimpleKey Web has been developed to provide building and property managers with immediate access to usage information by using the cloud and latest mobile technology. Anywhere you have access to the internet, you can see exactly which fob users are entering the building communal doors, be they tenants or contractors.

SimpleKey Web also allows you to set up triggers for specific fobs, alerting you to their use and allowing you to improve the overall management of the block. This was highlighted recently in a Welsh housing association who believed a particular tenant had not been staying at the property for 6 months and having reviewed the usage reports used the fact the fobs were not being used as evidence to get the flat back.

The other side of the benefits saw a housing association in Leicester who had established a new sheltered scheme for vulnerable people and had a tenant moving in who told them they were in desperate need of the flat. However, when the scheme opened the tenant did not use their fob for the first week showing the housing association that there wasn’t in fact an urgent need and they were able to reallocate the flat to someone in more need.

These are just two examples of where SimpleKey Web has helped UK Housing Landlords be able to allocate their flats more effectively and shows some of the capabilities of KMS SimpleKey Web system.

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