As a major provider of housing in the UK, Cardiff Council (CC) manage over 800 residential housing blocks. CC are constantly looking at ways to improve both the quality of their housing blocks and the efficiency of managing them. The latest area to be identified was the management of the communal door access systems.

Having undertaken an audit, CC recognised that their existing systems were out of date. Not only that, but the time and money absorbed in adding and deleting fobs and reporting on the usage of the systems was significant.

This is an issue we have come across in many housing associations and councils, but fortunately with the development in technology that we have seen over the past few years, we have been able to answer the needs of the housing providers and develop our latest system, SimpleKey Web. The system utilises the latest cloud-based technology to not only make it easier to add and delete fobs, but to ensure all property managers have access to detailed usage information allowing them to identify any potential misuse of fobs.

But, like the housing providers, we have to continuously look to evolve and develop our solutions and already in 2018, we have unveiled additional functionality for SimpleKey Web including SimpleKey Web Event Manager. For full details on the latest functionality click here.  However, we are not finished and there will be further updates released later this year, so stay in touch and you’ll see how we can help further reduce the time and money take to manage the communal access in your blocks.

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