For many years KMS have worked with the social housing sector to help change and improve the way communal door access is managed. Our use of technology has enabled us to develop a class leading communal door entry solution. Based on a cloud platform, SimpleKey Web allows housing block managers to add and delete fobs from any mobile device, as well as accessing user information, allowing the managers to ensure that tenants and contractors have immediate access when needed.

Whilst the benefits of the system are different for social and private housing, there are two benefits that are common across all our clients, the reduction in time to administer the system and the subsequent cost saving.

What this means to the different sectors varies, with the social sector, cost and ease of administration are the important issues, in the private sector there is more focus on services levels and ensuring tenants have the access they require.

SimpleKey Web is easier to manage and delivers massive benefits over your existing communal door access control system.

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Simplekey Web Door Entry