Last week we attended the ARMA Conference for the first time. The conference, a one-day event for residential managing agents is an opportunity for the profession to come together and see what is new and discuss new initiatives.

As this was our first appearance at the conference as sponsors, it was all new and from the moment the conference doors opened we were amazed at how busy it was, very different to many other events we attend. The day continued that theme, with a steady flow of visitors to the stand and many interested in how SimpleKey Web can help them deliver a better service to their tenants through improved management of the communal door access systems. Whilst KMS are dominant in the social housing sector, we are still relatively new to the private housing sector, of which many visitors are involved.

In this fast-moving world there has been numerous technical developments in a variety of industries including Fintech for the Financial industry and Biotech for all things biological. There is now such a grouping for property management technology companies, which is PropTech (Property Technology) the name given to technological innovations that are developed for and implemented within the property industry. Quoting James Dearsley “The end goal of PropTech is to best prepare the property industry for the digital future, it is not the replacement of humans with machines; it is the utilisation of modern technology to enhance the abilities, speed, and efficiency of those who sell, buy, maintain, manage, work within, live within and make their living from property. “

At KMS, we are a leading Proptech innovator in the UK and offer the market leading residential access control product, which has not only displaced the traditional mechanical key locks from communal doors but by also removing the need for housing staff or contractors to visit site to add or delete key fobs. The Simplekey Web based residential access control platform has revolutionised block access management enabling new resident to be added almost immediately or contractor fobs to be assigned to all or groups of dwellings and of course lost fobs can also be locked out instantly.

After a busy day, we had a welcome break at the conference dinner, again very well attended and organised and gave everyone a chance to wind down after a long day and network in a more informal environment.

We were very pleased with the day and will certainly be looking to be involved again next year.

If you want to know more about SimpleKey Web and how it can help improve your communal door access system have a look at our website, get in touch or call us on 01494 531099.