KMS’ Rebecca does it again. On 14th October, our star fundraiser, Rebecca, was at it again. This time running the Royal Parks Half Marathon (London) to help raise awareness of mental health issues, especially in men who often find it difficult to get the right support.

Rebecca has had to overcome mental health issues herself so to find her raising money to help other people get the right support is even more remarkable. Sadly, Rebecca’s task was made all the more relevant when she lost a close friend a week before the race.

Rebecca and her sister had trained hard for the race and now had an extra incentive to finish and did themselves and others proud. In some fairly horrible conditions, they persevered and managed to complete the race, in the process raising over £1,000 for the cause.

Rebecca continues her drive to make a difference and help raise the profile of mental health issues for all and we would like to congratulate her and her sister.

The big question now is what next?

For more information on Rebecca’s achievement as well as our other community activity contact us.

Rebecca Royal Parks Half Marathon