Earlier this year we attended the ARMA Annual conference and the buzz word was PropTech. So what is the definition of the term and what does it mean to our customers?

In reality, it is a term that has been coined to describe all businesses who are working on or with technology in the property industry. That statement on it’s own can cover a huge variety of businesses as it applies to any technically innovative product. Digital Marketing guru, James Dearsley, one of the keynote speakers at the conference described it “The end goal of PropTech is to best prepare the property industry for the digital future, it is not the replacement of humans with machines; it is the utilisation of modern technology to enhance the abilities, speed, and efficiency of those who sell, buy, maintain, manage, work within, live within and make their living from property. “

Since KMS was established, our whole purpose has been to use technology to improve the way communal door access control is managed and administered in multiple residential properties. Technology has evolved beyond belief over the last few years and our biggest challenge has been keeping up to date with the new technology whilst delivering increased benefits to our customers. With the development of “Cloud Computing”, managers of multiple housing properties are now able to greatly reduce the time taken to add and delete fobs, as they have access to the system from anywhere (as long as they are connected to the internet) so there is no need to visit the property. The results can be very impressive, residents are getting a much higher level of service and the costs to administer are reduced greatly.

So, for KMS, PropTech covers the work we do, but most importantly the reference to innovation describes our approach, we are always looking at ways we can develop our products, constantly looking to evolve and embrace new technology to deliver ever increasing benefits to our customers.

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