As we move into another year and all try to get over the excesses of the festive break, we are busy focusing on ensuring the latest functionality of SimpleKey Web is being used to its full potential.

With the latest update of the system, users can now see if a communal door has been left open, as it happens. Often this can be because someone has wedged it open if they need to get in and out multiple times, for example for cleaners or contractors. However, if this is the case, it exposes the block to potential risk, allowing anyone to have easy access.

With SimpleKey Web, when the door has remained open after a stipulated time, the building manager can be sent an automatic email alerting them that the door has been left open at a particular block. They can then organise to get the door closed.

The speed of access to information will help reduce risk and crime in the blocks and will ensure that every tenant gets an improved level of service.

To find out how SimpleKey Web works and how it can help reduce the risks for your blocks visit our website or contact us.