As is the case these days, in many areas of our society, organisations are merging to improve the efficiencies and reduce costs to deliver their services. Housing Providers are no different, with many including Clarion Housing Group, Fortis Living and Knightstone Housing Association looking to, or having merged with other Housing Providers to achieve these positive results.

 However, in going through a merger, there are many different areas that need to be considered, some, that might not seem significant to many, can have an impact on the running of housing blocks. This may include how access is managed through the communal doors. Housing Providers can have a range of blocks under their management, including everything from small low rise to large high-rise blocks. Many Housing Providers can have different communal door access control systems and managing two systems can be time-consuming, costly and cause confusion with communal door access control management.

The KMS SimpleKey Web communal door access control solution can help overcome these issues. The system can be easily installed with all existing communal door entry systems, without the need to change Doors and Door Entry panels. The benefits including reducing administration costs to the combined Housing Provider are significant. With SimpleKey Web being based in the cloud, quick to install and simple to use, the new association can minimise the impact of the merger and maintain the levels of service to their tenants.

 To find out more on how SimpleKey Web can help when Housing Providers merge and increasing the levels of service to  tenants, contact us or visit our website.