With the doors closed on the CIH South West Conference, the first of our major events is finished and we can now pack up and look forward to CIH Repairs and Maintenance next week.

The conferences and exhibitions are a good way for us have the opportunity to discuss with both customers and non-customers the needs and requirements for social housing and in particular around communal door access control.

CIH lived up to expectations and was a fantastic event and it was great to meet with many existing and new acquaintances …..

This year CIH South West provided an opportunity for the Social Housing industry to discuss and find out more about a range of topics, but one that is constantly discussed is security and how it can be continuously improved. Certainly, the conversations we have had were very interesting and we were able to hear many different views on how we should be shaping the ways forward in UK Housing.

Our latest update to SimpleKey Web is “Door Unlock Invitation” which allows the system administrator to send an invitation via an email to a contractor/visitor, so when they arrive at the housing block it enables them to gain access through the communal door(s) by following the simple email instructions. This helps not just with the security of the tenants and contractors alike, but also helps save time and money.

Most importantly it was a great venue with great food, so no one went hungry! We’ve had a busy couple of days here and now we have time to catch our breath before we more to CIH Repairs & Maintenance next week.

To find out how this latest update can save time and money with increased efficiency, visit us at Repairs & Maintenance 2019 on 22-23 May at the Hilton, St George’s Park, Burton upon Trent DE13 9PD.