Any accommodation provider that has multiple residents in a building has similar challenges, how to ensure that residents who live in the building and other authorised people, can access the building at any time, safely and securely. Historically, KMS has worked with social & private housing providers who have had their SimpleKey Web communal door access control system installed, resulting in fob administration being quick and easy from any mobile device, thus improving the service provided to the residents.

With the student population changing regularly often more than once a year, its important accommodation providers use a system which also allows building access control fobs to be administered simply and cost effectively, making SimpleKey Web the ideal solution.

CODE Students is a provider of “Luxury” student accommodation that supplements Universities own housing to ensure there is sufficient student accommodation for all. With accommodation blocks across Warwick and Coventry, they are not just about where the students live, but also ensuring they have opportunities to socialise and create a support network during their time at university.

They, like other student accommodation providers have specific needs. With high numbers of students living in their apartments and changing frequently it is essential they have a communal door access control system, which not only allows for fob management for the accommodation buildings, but easy management of students access to other communal areas on the campus.

Read more  on CODE choosing SimpleKey Web or for more information on how the system can help you contact us.