Over the past couple of years there has been a huge amount of media coverage about the safety of buildings when affected by fires and unfortunately this has once again reared its head with the recent fire at a block of student flats in Manchester.

This incident against has raised the question of how to protect the building infrastructure and students residents from unwanted intruders, whilst ensuring their safe exit in case of an emergency. 

In most of this type of student accommodation, there will be a communal door or doors, through which all students and contractors will enter and for students, this will then allow them to access their own flats once inside the block. To gain access each resident or contractor will be given a fob which then gives them access through the communal doors. With KMS’ SimpleKey Web, this access can be controlled individually, not only for specific doors, but also to allow access at specific times for contractors.

When there is an emergency, such as a fire, it is essential that every person can exit the building immediately, without hindrance, no matter what the situation. This might seem obvious, but it is this type of function that could cause more problems in an emergency and can be easily missed.

With KMS SimpleKey Web, the communal doors access control system can be linked to all fire and other alarm systems, including local devices like break-glasses and emergency push bars ensuring the communal doors are immediately opened in an emergency. In addition, if an alarm is triggered or the Emergency Glass is broken, the block administrators will receive an email alert immediately, allowing them to respond instantly.

The system can also be used to monitor other safety equipment and fire doors, again ensuring they’re correctly set and alerting staff if say a fire door is propped open.

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances where these alarms can be abused, such as Emergency Glass broken unnecessarily, where the email alert will allow the administrators to assess the situation and reset the system with minimal disruption and risk to any residents.

To find out more about SimpleKey Web and how it can be part of your emergency response contact us.