Over the past few months we have written a number of articles about the flexibility of SimpleKey Web our cloud based access control system and the different ways it can be used in housing blocks across the UK. We have always been receptive to suggestions of how we can adapt the system to suit specific needs of our customers.

Historically student accommodation providers have used SimpleKey Web to control access through communal doors, gates and car park barriers etc. With new modern student housing being built, a growing number of providers are now using the system to control access into student flats.

Traditionally students are allocated a fob which allows them to enter the accommodation block through a communal door which is controlled by SimpleKey Web and then they use the same fob again to get access through a secondary controlled communal door to a flat. The flats are shared by a number of students who each then have their own room but share communal areas such as kitchens and dining areas. However due to the versatility of SimpleKey Web, providers are now using the same fobs to control access into the individual rooms within the flat. The ease in which fobs can be programmed from any mobile device using SimpleKey Web, means very little extra work for the accommodation managers, but enables them to provide a better level of service and safety to the students.

We are constantly evolving the way SimpleKey Web is used, driven by our customer’s needs. To find out more about SimpleKey Web and how it can be used to meet your access control requirements contact us.