Shark Tooth Fobs

The Shark Tooth Fob are used by residents, contractors and staff to maintain the block security by identifying the user prior to allowing or declining access through the communal door(s). The vibrant colour range can be used to identify the different tokens issued to particular addresses and/or for different user groups (i.e. staff, contractors, police etc.)


SimpleKey 4 is the foundation of our British engineered SimpleKey Web platform solution, providing you with remote administration at a low fixed  cost.

  • Compatible with UK residential industry standard readers and controllers
  • Ultrasonically welded durable polycarbonate housing with metal rivet for enhanced robustnes
  • Passive device requiring no batteries enabling a lifetime guarantee against electronic failure
  • Uniquely coded
  • 10 Easily vibrant colours
  • Optional laser engraving  i.e. identification number or organisational logo

Dimensions – 55.2(L) mm x 31.5(W) mm x 8.5(D) mm

Part Numbers

26001 Black

26002  Blue

26003 Red

26004 Orange

26005 Green

26006 Yellow

26007 Grey

26008 Purple

26009 White

26010 Clear

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