Shark Tooth HS Fob

The KMS Shark Tooth HS fob provides all the benefits of the KMS residential access control, together with additional security via the bespoke HS technology.


  • Mifare technology- Developed using KMS unique Mifare based protocol, providing a higher level of security
  • Differentiation – Available with 10 different coloured inserts, enabling identification between fobs issued to an address or user type.
  • Compatibility – The KMS Shark tooth HS Fob operates with all types of KMS readers. It can also be used with other manufacturers access control systems
  • Robust- British designed and built tokens for the UK housing provider and comes with a life time guarantee
  • Faster and easier; ways to identify FOB’s for a specific address or user types with our 10 colour ranges for FOBS.

Part Numbers

  • 27001 Black
  • 27002 Blue
  • 27003 Red
  • 27004 Orange
  • 27005 Green
  • 27006 Yellow
  • 27006 Yellow
  • 27007 Grey
  • 27008 Purple
  • 27009 White
  • 270010 Translucent
Dimensions 56mm high x 11mm deep x 33mm wide

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