Simplekey Web Security FAQ


Q: Who owns the database?

The end user, all data in the access control database is owned by the end user and can be accessed at any time.

Q: How can an end user customer access their database?

Databases can be backed up, and moved to a secure FTP server on a schedule decided by the end user customer. This secure FTP server can then be accessed at any time.

Q: How does KMS handle database backups?

All KMS databases are backed up onsite, and securely over an encrypted VPN to a dedicated server in another EU country.

Q: How will an end user customer be affected by a disaster at KMS?

KMS GPRS systems have an automatic failover function to KMS servers hosted offsite. Simplekey Web can be accessed on the offsite KMS servers.

Q: Does KMS encrypt end user customer’s data?

All passwords and sensitive information is encrypted on KMS servers. All KMS Backups are also encrypted using strong passwords. Simplekey Web is also served over a HTTPS SSL encrypted connection. KMS uses industry standard AES 128-bit encryption so no information can be intercepted.

Q: Does Simplekey Web have a password policy?

Simplekey Web does have the option to enforce strong passwords for users, however due to feedback from current users this is not the default option. However, strong password enforcement can be turned on at any time.

Q: What is needed to access Simplekey Web?

Simplekey Web runs as a website, therefore very little is required to access Simplekey Web. Only internet browsing software needs to be installed on the computer.* Javascript must be enabled for Simplekey Web. For the best experience use the latest version of Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Internet explorer version 7 and up is supported. Features may be limited when using any version of Internet Explorer.

* If using a KMS desktop reader, driver software may need to be installed on the local computer. KMS desktop reader acts as a keyboard and is compatible when using remote systems.

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