How does it work?

Simplekey Web is a proven, simple and reliable method of managing and administering access into residential housing blocks . It works with all types of door entry equipment, whether existing or new.

Each housing block has a Simplekey door controller installed, which controls the communal local doors, gates, etc. It also holds its own memory of which tokens are allowed through these entrances. The Simplekey door controller in most cases, then communicates via wireless GPRS (similar to the way a smart phone works) back to dedicated servers via the internet. If there is broadband available within the block, then this can also be used to connect to the KMS Servers.

The overall system database is held on a “ cloud database” which can be administered from any web enabled device (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.) with the correct authority, allowing residents, staff or contractor fobs to be added, disabled or changed. Any changes to the system and all events at the blocks are communicated using the internet link effectively giving real time communications, updates and reports.

By using KMS Simplekey true cloud based administration and GPRS/ broadband communications, you get the following advantages:

  • Token activation/ deactivation is in real time to all blocks
  • Administration can be carried out  from any web enabled device
  • Low fixed cost with virtually live communications
  • No need to run or host specialist software on your PCs or servers
  • Dedicated external dial up telephone connections or specific server infrastructure is not required
  • Unlock doors from smart phones / tablets etc.
  • Simple administration with full  support from KMS staff
How does it work?

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